Solutions LRP

Protect your bottom line with coverage for your labour costs when performing warranty repairs.


  • No preregistration of invoices required
  • All Best Auto affiliate locations now receive unlimited invoices each month, at no extra cost (SolutionsLRP has eliminated the $6.95 fee to register an invoice.)
  • Plus, Best Auto headquarters covers the $19.95 SolutionsLRP monthly administration fee
  • Service providers can charge customers a fee for the warranty, if they wish


  • Each participating Best Auto affiliate location must complete a one-time registration form. You must include your shop rate on the registration form, which is used to determine warranty payouts. Visit to complete the form.
  • Individual invoices DO NOT need to be registered in advance to qualify for the warranty program.


The following steps must apply and documents submitted to be eligible for reimbursement:

  1. The same Repair facility must perform both the Original Repair and Warranty Repair
  2. The LRP applies only to the labour required to complete the Labour Recovery Repair
  3. Claims require the program administrator’s prior authorization by email at or our administration phone line at 289-778-4200 or 647-574-1824
  4. Original Repair invoice
  5. Warranty Repair invoice signed by the customer
  6. Invoice for parts purchased and installed during the original repair
  7. Invoice for parts installed during the warranty period
  8. If shops purchase parts for the original repair and warranty repair from a Bestbuy Distributor Part Store, the shop would receive a labour payout at their door rate on file with SolutionsLRP
  9. If shops use parts from other sources, the labour rate will revert to $70.00 per hour using Mitchell Flat Rate guidelines


  • Business name, phone number and postal code
  • Invoice number and invoiced date
  • Customer first and last name
  • Vehicle year, make, model and mileage
  • Submitter name and email address
  • Customer authorization signature with email or phone number


  • SolutionsLRP pays approved labour claims directly to you via e-transfer within two business days on receipt of the information


Click Link to complete SolutionsLRP Registration Form

What repairs are covered? DOWNLOAD the booklet.